Matt Dessner, EP/Creative Director

Matt Dessner - EP

Matt Dessner - EP

Based in New York City, Matt Dessner's background is as a Producer/ After Effects designer. He founded Creative Taco, a NYC based content creation company with over 15 years of making commercials for the advertising industry - some of which include campaigns for: Heineken, Nokia, Best Buy, Campbells, Listerine, Valvoline, Lucky Charms, Cheerios, The Marines, HSBC, Trident, Tylenol and GMC.

As a teenager, Matt appeared in commercials for McDonalds, Jell-O Pops and Ora-Gel. As well as 'if you blinked you missed it" extra parts in various movies.

Matt Dessner also founded The Original iPhone Film Festival and to support the emerging community of iPhoneFilmMakers and to provide a home for anyone that has a story to tell or who wants to learn more about iPhoneFilmMaking.  Matt has given presentations at Macworld in SF, hosted panel discussions at SXSW Interactive in Austin, TX , and appeared on CBC Morning News Program with Heather Hiscox, CBC Radio "As It Happens" and ABC"s syndicated show "Electric Playground".

Above all else, Matt believes in the democratization of film making through accessible technology like the iPhone. He is  passionate about the empowerment of new technology and shiny bright objects.

Whitney Angstadt, Editor

Whitney Angstadt - Editor

Whitney Angstadt - Editor

Whitney has 20 years of filmmaking experience and an incredible eye for composition and timing, which she brings to every editorial project she works on.  She's a rock-solid editor who can be trusted with giant projects, but also loves focusing on every detail of the smallest of jobs.

David Pitagorsky, EP/Business Development

David is an agency veteran with deep experience in studio operations, creative development, video and print production, client creative services, pitch execution, presentation design and events. He brings an understanding of both general and media agency processes as well as the challenges and protocols inherent to agency culture.  David most recently led the team responsible for creative development, design, production and creative services for all Omnicom Media group agencies including OMD, PHD, Hearts & Science, Resolution, Annalect, Pathway, Outdoor Media Group, Optimum Sports, Novus, and Content Collective. He worked on projects for clients such as Apple, Converse, Delta, Estée Lauder, GSK, Hasbro, Intel, Levi's, McDonalds, P&G, and Visa among others

David also has a semi-secret identity as a rock musician and songwriter recording albums and playing shows with his band by night.  

Price Blythe, TD/Creative Director

Price Blythe - TD

Price Blythe - TD

Price's CV isn't terribly sneazable.  With a BS (no pun intended) in radio-tv-film from UT and a MFA in film directing from Columbia, he set himself up for failure from the start.  Luckily he stumbled into the bizarro universe of media and advertising.

He began in Advertising as an Animatics and Test Director at JWT.  Those were fun times.  He learned to make a hideaway fort in front of his desk so no one could see him sleeping under it.  He also learned through some trial and much error the similarities and differences between creating stories for ads and narrative film - and he's never quite recovered.

Once he decided that computers weren't in fact evil sadness boxes, he quickly found himself exploring all of the different ways 2D and 3D motion graphics and animation can be utilized to make beautiful, entertaining and compelling imagery.  He's worked in TV, feature films, and of course advertising while helping build Creative Taco to the place it is today.